What We Do

Let us help you be PROACTIVE as we:

  • Develop custom market plan for your farming operation.
  • Help you leverage the unique positioning of your operation to help meet your farm & family goals. (Storage, basis, carry, debt retirement, growth, etc.).
  • Provide you with market knowledge to make decisions from a global perspective with local market knowledge.
  • Apply discipline with a marketing plan that reduces stress during volatile markets.
  • Take advantage of profitability if/when the market gives us the opportunity.
  • Work with you to manage up to three crop years’ crop marketing plans simultaneously.
  • Allow you to excel at what you do best: growing a crop and/or livestock without the stress of constant worry about the market’s unpredictability.
  • Review different market plan options with the positive & negative aspects as it applies to your operation.
  • Execute the plan you approve (full consulting package only).
  • Give you back control of the marketing at whatever level you choose with three different levels of service available to meet your needs & preferences.
  • Work with your lender & crop insurance agent upon your request.
  • Serve as YOUR ag marketing department.
  •  For a free, one-hour marketing analysis, call 641.849.0285 or email info@agmktdept.com. We do not believe in high-pressure sales. EVER.

If you don’t love the marketing aspect of farming, let us help…because we DO love it! What could your operation look like if you didn’t have to be constantly watching (groaning over?) and worrying about markets? Could you grow or diversify with the extra time & energy you are devoting to marketing?

Find out more at info@agmktdept.com

Your Ag Marketing Department